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Food Service

Chafing Dish c/w fuel SKU: COST:19.00
plain chafer c/w fuel & choice of insert

chafing dish-elaborate SKU: COST:22.00
fancy chafer c/w fuel & choice of insert

Extra Insert Pans-half pans or full pans SKU: COST:3.00
extra insert pans-full, half or triple pans

Heat lamp SKU: COST:20.00
Heat lamp

Stock Pot SKU: COST:20.00
Stock Pot

Corn Roaster c/w pot SKU: COST:25.00
Corn Roaster c/w pot

Glass Serving Bowls (various sizes) SKU: COST:1.00
Glass Serving Bowls- 2qt & 3qt clear glass

Pebbled Bowl-15" SKU: COST:3.00
Pebbled Plastic Bowl-15"

Pebbled Bowl-18" SKU: COST:4.00
Pebbled Plastic Bowl-18"

13" Glass Platters SKU: COST:1.00
13" Glass Platters

Stainless Platters SKU: COST:2.00
Stainless Platters assorted sizes 14" 16" 18" 20" 24"

Waitress Trays SKU: COST:4.00
Waitress Trays

Tray Stand SKU: COST:2.00
Tray Stand

Cream & Sugar SKU: COST:2.00
Cream & Sugar - bone white china or glass

Salt & Pepper SKU: COST:1.50
Salt & Pepper

Sauce Pitchers SKU: COST:0.75
Sauce Pitchers

Table Number Stands SKU: COST:1.00
Table Number Stands

Bus Pans SKU: COST:1.00
Bus Pans

Food Transporter SKU: COST:20.00
Food Transporter

BBQ-Propane-60" (per day) SKU: COST:150.00
60" stainless propane barbecue (propane extra)

BBQ-Propane-48" (per day) SKU: COST:125.00
Stainless Propane BBQ - 48"? (per day)

BBQ Charcoal-3 SKU: COST:65.00
Charcoal BBQ 3'x5' c/w grill (per day)

BBQ Charcoal-3 SKU: COST:125.00
Charcoal BBQ 3'x5' c/w rotisserie (per day)

Glass Tiered Tray-8" SKU: COST:3.00
stackable glass tiered tray 8"

Glass Tiered Tray-10" SKU: COST:3.00
stackable glass tiered tray-10"

Glass Tiered Tray-12" SKU: COST:4.00
stackable glass tiered tray-12"

3-Tiered Stainless Trays-plain SKU: COST:15.00
3-Tiered Stainless Trays-plain

3-Tiered Stainless Tray-fancy SKU: COST:25.00
3-Tiered Stainless Tray-fancy

Chafing Dish-rolltop SKU: COST:28.00
Roll Top Chafer c/w fuel & choice of insert

16" white bowl-square SKU: COST:6.00
16" white square bowl

bread basket - wicker SKU: COST:0.50
wicker bread basket

bread basket - black SKU: COST:1.50
black wire bread basket

round rolltop SKU: COST:0.00
fancy round rolltop chafer

Gold Band platter SKU: COST:1.00
Gold Band 14 inch oval platter

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