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Water Goblet (10oz) SKU: COST:0.33
Water Goblet (10oz)

Wine Glasses 8oz SKU: COST:0.33
8oz wine-2 styles

On the Rocks (7 oz) SKU: COST:0.33
On the Rocks (7 oz)

Stemmed Hiball (10 oz) SKU: COST:0.33
Stemmed Hiball (10 oz)

Beer / Water Glass (12 oz) SKU: COST:0.33
Beer / Water Glass (12 oz)

Punch Cup SKU: COST:0.33
Punch Cup

Liqueur SKU: COST:0.33
1oz liquer glass

Sherry SKU: COST:0.33
3oz sherry glass

Sherbet SKU: COST:0.33

Champagne Flute SKU: COST:0.38
Champagne Flute 2 styes

Brandy Snifter SKU: COST:0.38
Brandy Snifter

Martini Glass SKU: COST:0.45
Martini Glass

Wine Glass - 12 ounce SKU: COST:0.50
12 ounce wine glass

Pub Glass - 15 ounce SKU: COST:0.33
15 ounce stemless pub glass

stemless wine glass SKU: COST:0.35
11 ounce stemless wine glass

10oz old flashioned SKU: COST:0.33
10oz old fashioned glass

glasses 6oz SKU: COST:0.33
6oz wine glasses 2 styles

8oz square stem wine SKU: COST:0.35
8oz wine glass square stem

champagne saucer SKU: COST:0.35
champagne saucer

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