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Dinner Plate - Gold Band SKU: COST:0.35
Dinner Plate - Gold Band

Salad Plate - Gold Band SKU: COST:0.35
8" Gold Band Salad Plate

Bread & Butter Plate - Gold Band SKU: COST:0.35
Bread & Butter Plate - Gold Band

Saucer - Gold Band SKU: COST:0.35
Saucer - Gold Band

Cup - Gold Band SKU: COST:0.35
Cup - Gold Band

Soup Bowl - Gold Band SKU: COST:0.35
Soup Bowl - Gold Band

China Platter - Gold Band SKU: COST:2.00
China Platter - Gold Band

Square Plate - 9" SKU: COST:0.45
9" square white plate

Square Soup Bowl SKU: COST:0.45
6" white square soup bowl

6"x12" white plate SKU: COST:0.45
6"x12" white rectangle plate

Square Plate - 5" SKU: COST:0.40
5" square white bread & butter plate

Square Plate - 7" SKU: COST:0.40
7" white square salad plate

square coffee cup SKU: COST:0.40
white square coffee cup

square saucer SKU: COST:0.40
white square saucer for cup

Square Plate - 10" SKU: COST:0.45
10" white square dinner plate

Square Mug-white SKU: COST:0.35
white square mug

Dinner Plate - 10" White SKU: COST:0.35
10" bone white dinner plate

Dinner Plate - white 12" SKU: COST:0.60
12" bone white dinner plate

Soup Bowl - White SKU: COST:0.35
Bone White Soup Bowl

Salad Plate - 7" White SKU: COST:0.35
7" Bone White Salad Plate

Bread & Butter Plate - White SKU: COST:0.35
5" Bone White Bread & Butter Plate

Cup - White SKU: COST:0.35
Bone White Cup

Saucer - White SKU: COST:0.35
Bone White Saucer

Dinner Plate - Glass SKU: COST:0.30
10.75" Ribbed Glass Dinner Plate

Salad Plate - Glass SKU: COST:0.30
9.25" Ribbed Glass Plate

Dessert Plate - Glass SKU: COST:0.30
7" Ribbed Glass Plate

Mug - Glass SKU: COST:0.30
Ribbed Glass Mug

ramekin SKU: COST:0.25
ramekin 3.5" 4.75 oz

12" white plate SKU: COST:0.45
12" Adelle white plate

white soup bowl SKU: COST:0.35
Adelle white soup bowl-

white cup and saucer SKU: COST:0.70
Adelle white cup and saucer

8 inch glass plate SKU: COST:0.30
8 inch clear glass plate

Sabina white mug SKU: COST:0.35
Sabina white china mug

clear glass mug SKU: COST:0.30
clear glass mug

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